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In 2011 1-6 month Keqiao China Textile City market turnover achieves the history again new tall

1 2011 to 6 August, China Light Textile City Group achieved turnover of 38885000000 yuan, grow 15.84% compared to the same period, in which the fabric market 23507000000 yuan, an increase of 17.6% ; Qian Qing raw materials market 15378000000 yuan, an increase of 13.48%, a record high. Facing the complex economic situation, China Textile City positive change idea, grab seize development opportunity, the market turnover continued rapid growth.
Industry analysts believe that China Textile City trading volume continued rapid growth of Shaoxing county and the environment for innovation and continuous improvement are closely linked. 1 2011 to 6 August, Shaoxing county to increase international textile capital construction, to further expand the market size, cohesion to further enhance, operating households increased significantly, textile traders to take the initiative to develop foreign trade market. Textile City" buy the world textiles, sell the global textile" external image gradually win support among the people. The rapid increase of market main body, tamp growth in turnover. At the beginning of the year, Shaoxing county published China Textile City the first "Five Year Plan", through the establishment of the "Fan Li Award " wait for a form, to encourage business operators to become bigger and stronger the main industry, striving for superiority. 1 to 6 month of the market group to set up a new 2486 self-employed households, enterprises 455. '
One, the marketing was significantly expanded. Textile City new fabric market, scarf Market business success, turnover growth infuse new source. "Online Textile City" accelerate construction and officially launched, drove market tangible and intangible market integration development. " Keqiao headquarters + outside the window market " as a model of" all over the world " series of docking activities and Textile Fair features exhibition investment long city, expand the marketing network, for the market to bring sustained, long-term customer resources. The market average monthly exports reached $141000000, increased 48.1% over the same period. In the spring of May 6th Textile Fair opening, high-profile China Textile City scarf Market officially opened. Industry experts to visit the scarf Market after the exclamation: China Textile City has not only the raw materials market, grey market and various kinds of fabrics market, now has a terminal products scarf Market, the largest textile trading platform is a bigger. More buyers to be transported with joy : Keqiao future can directly buy Scarves, no longer run in Yiwu and other places.
In two, lead the creative brand strong city. With the creation of brand market, China Textile City" a gilded signboard" brighter. Fabric market following the provincial five star civilized norms market, and won the national title credit market, enhance the market appeal. Qian Qing raw materials market successfully created five star civilized norms market, enhance the management level, expand the market radiation surface. At the same time, with the figure of copyright and commercial secret protection influence enhancement operator innovation enthusiasm greatly excited. In order to figure as the main content of the " three year" (technical innovation, fashionable creativity and brand creation ) intellectual achievements into the market the important element of production and basic resources, support and lead the market transformation and development. 1 to 6 months the market registration pattern copyright 2405, grow 74% compared to the same period. In recent years, China Textile City vigorously carry out technological innovation, fashion creation, brand creation and integration of industrial chain, the transformation and upgrading of development effect is obvious. China Textile City intellectual property protection system is ceaseless and perfect, more and more textile city businesses, changed the past passive orders and production and processing, through the strengthening of product R & D and extend downstream market, embarked on the industrial value catenary "riant curve " at both ends. Have a good intellectual property protection environment, businesses are focused on their own product research and development, the profit rate is improved greatly. Patterns of copyright and trade secret and other intellectual property protection work continued to advance, greatly stimulate the enterprise innovation poineering enthusiasm, promoted textile products to high-end development.
Three, Textile Expo theme spirit broadcast to the Quartet. Relying on the market and industry to create Textile Fair, become more and more international impact event. The 2011 China Keqiao International Textiles Fabrics & Accessories Fair (spring ) in May 6th to 8 in China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center, from all corners of the country merchants, not only with textile exposition of the fruit, also brought back Shaoxing's enthusiasm, but also the " green, quality, fashion" Textile Expo theme spirit sowing to the Quartet. 3 day-long Spring Textile Fair in May 8th perfect end, according to the exhibition site access control system statistics, 3 days in spring textiles fabrics & Accessories Exhibition, the admission of professional procurement amounted to 20363 people, an increase of 9.3%, this is also a period of Spring Fair Exhibition held since the exhibitors for the first time in twenty thousand. The overseas professional buyers of 3327 people, an increase of 28.1% ; Textile Fair period achieves product turnover of 3859000000 yuan, an increase of 10.6%.
Four, creative collision gain a lot. Fabrics and clothing on the lower reaches of the close interaction between mean? The creative impact! In May 7th, 2011 Chinese occupation fashion designer and fabrics enterprises zero distance connection in the Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center began, Keqiao local companies and clothing designer intimate contact, so that the two sides had a great harvest. On the meeting, more than 20 nominated occupation 2011 China Fashion Designer game designer and more than 20 native fabrics enterprises carry out creative fabric of exchange and communication. A well-known fashion consultant Ceng Ting, China designer of a number of textile experts founder leather Xia" fast fashion market, how to deal with the" upstream ", as well as designers for the fabric needs " and other issues were a wonderful speech. At noon on May 7th 12, is the overseas buyers and textile enterprises docking meeting predetermined end time, the scene is still bustling, cuttings, quotation, leave connection way ... ... Buyers and suppliers busy awfully. On the same day, from the United States, Columbia, Indonesia, Chile and other countries of the 60 overseas professional buyers from Shaoxing, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places 80 textile enterprises suppliers, the" face to face" negotiations, in which 50% Shaoxing local seller.
Five, domestic and international block extension. As the textile city transformation and upgrading continuously, perfect matching and spinning City extension function promotion also promotes the sustainable development of the market. "China Keqiao textile index " deepen publishing, logistics warehousing facilities of the and so on, to further enhance the market operating function. China Textile City Logistics Center of customs supervision and control points are set up and the inspection and quarantine office in the textile city international logistics business rapid growth. At present, warehousing logistics center every day around 70 TEUs import and export, the "inland through customs " has become the province's business development is the rapiddest inland port. Invest 1000000000 to build the nation's largest textile creative base, will be the introduction of creative enterprises more than 300, to achieve annual creative output value of 8000000000 yuan, is expected to become a textile city transformation and upgrading of the new engine.
China Textile City Scale cloth industry companies through the development of creative industries textile textile industry go up to upgrade drive has become a consensus. It is under the economic crisis, the majority of Shaoxing textile enterprises is one of the tricks of the trade: run mode in the crisis has nowhere to go, only focus on R & D investment to" storm and not panic ." 1 2011 to 6 August, China Textile City to operate the fabric more than 3 species, daily passenger flow of 100000 people, the products are exported to 187 countries and regions in the world. China Textile City market prosperity to Shaoxing county industrial enterprises gradually embarked on the transformation and upgrading of the fast lane.

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