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2010 / 11 year British wool market reviewing and Prospect

In June 15th Britain ended the Mao Nian auction market invited the British wool board wool marketing director Mark Powell said to the 2010 / 11 year British wool market reviewing and look into. British wool board ( BWMB) is the world's only collection, classification, marketing and promotion of wool in one body. Adhering to the principle of cooperation, through elected members, British wool board represents more than 50000 herdsman to British each district committee report. This part of each set of herdsman gross output of about 28000 tons.
In 2009 28700000 kg compared with 2010 cut Mao Liang eventually determined to be 28600 tons. With the British wool Bureau expected, the past 5 years to cut Mao Liang declined. Wool production is clearly the relationship we run the main factors, therefore, wool yield prediction is very important.

The past two years the British wool yield remained stable 2011 / 12 year production is expected to be 28800 tons.

Due to the turnover rate higher than expected, the original plan of the Mao Nian 22 weeks auction, two were cancelled, however, British wool bureau still achieved excellent sales performance, in addition to 500 tons ( postponed, will be in the new Mao Nian's first and two weeks of July 6, 2011 and 20 sold), all in the shearing year 20 weeks auction sold out. Overall, the average sale price of 146 pence per kg / kg, up to 57 pence.
From 2009 10 month, British wool auction prices rose overall sales in 2010 than in 2009 an increase of 50%, compared to 2008 increased one times. The upcoming 2011 / 12 year, 2011 shearing average auction price is expected to reach 170 pence / kg.
The British set wool price index is the embodiment of the major / main grade wool at this week's auction changes, we have to 172 pence / kg index into the new year, last year the beginning of only 120 pence / kg. British wool bureau predicts the end of the year 2011 sales average index will be 195 pence / kg.
As the selling season, herdsman wool sold reached 25 years best price, British wool Bureau gratified.
Due to the continuing shortage of supply and demand increases, the British wool board that the annual wool price level will increase. 2010 by launched by HRH Prince Charles wool movement to rise in price has a significant effect, the international sports will last 5 years.

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