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International Cotton Advisory says global 2010 / 11 year cotton consumption decline
07 August 05 news
International Cotton Advisory Committee called the 2010 / 11 year global cotton consumption decreased from 3% to 24500000 tons.
International Cotton Advisory Committee ( International Cotton Advisory Committee) said on Friday, 2010 / 11 of the annual global cotton consumption is decreased greatly, due to soaring prices of cotton plant cotton ginning and activity decreases, but the global economic growth will help cotton consumer backlash.
According to ICAC, high and low price of cotton chemical fiber competition weakened by 2010 / 11 second half of the year cotton plant demand.
The organization says the yarn accumulation in cotton factory warehouse. This year pily consumption decreased from 3% to 24500000 tons, than last year because cotton price more than doubled.
The price incentives, cotton grower is expected in 2011 / 12 year of increase production 11% tons to 27400000 tons.
Cotton plant consumption or will be in the 2011 / 12 year rebound, growth of 3% to 25200000 tons. According to ICAC, expects the world cotton trade will grow 5% to 8200000 tons.

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