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The report says China after 4 years to become the biggest trading country
According to India "economic times" website reported on June 24th, June 23, 2011, Citigroup issued a research report shows that in 2015 China will overtake the United States as the world's largest trading nation. In 2050, India will exceed the United States to become the second largest trading nation.
Reported that, according to the economic outlook report, global goods and services trade from 2010 37 trillion trillion dollars increased to 149 in 2030, 2050 for $371. When 2015 comes, China will become the largest trading nation in the world. In 2010 has not entered the top 10 Global trade country cavalcade of India in 2050 will replace the U.S. as the world's second largest trading nation.
Responsible for writing the report of the IBO Raheem Rabe and William Dupuit said that the rise of India indeed surprised many people. Two people also predicted that Asia accounted for a greater share of Global trade from 2010 24% to 2030 42%, 2050 for further increased to 46%.
"Economic times" commented that the report showed that Asian area will become world trade big winner.

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