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Talented person idea
Widely adopted, cautiously explored, diligently trained, strictly punished
Annotation: absorb the talents ,examined them strictly, pay grate attention to their training and stipulate awards and punishment clearly

1.Widely adopted
    At aspect of selecting talents in Yaoguang, firstly, it requires high qulification and developing potential; Then it always follows the rule of “the most appropriated, the best” in the assignment of the applicants.According to this principle, one side, Yaoguang pushs a recruitment plan without regarding the localization of regions, and recruits talent who agree with Yaoguang’s core values within China,even absorbs and recruits international talent oveseas. Through this recruitment way, we try our best to start from recruitment, break traditional HR concept. Most widely and extensively attract the talents from all the sides on based on company’s blueprint. It will highly improve efficiency and successful rate in recruitment and selectment by the concept of ‘talent—oriented”On the other side, breaking status and experience limit gradually, bulid up flexible personnel mechanism, make personnel standard change to base on personnal ability. Employee doesn’t get anything by their status and experience any more. There is no idea of life tenure, according to ability improved ,experience accumulating, every one has limitless rise space and improved opportunity. Meantime, base on recruitment strategy and the system of position management, we develop systemic evaluated instrument,make different positions transform to different core ability model and competitive latitude. Used for the pushing job of recriutment, following employees’ training and employees’ occupation plan. It is without doubt that all of these offer endless power and strict evaluated standard for employee development. systemic evaluated tool not only offer scientific referrence for company recruitment and selectment, but also leave wide space for elaborate management in future.
     It can speak that with useing special, open, religious solid recruitment method and systemic,scientific interview tool, Yaoguang will attract more and more talents with perspective of creating future together to work hard in order to achieve personal,company,environment improvement. From entreing Yaoguang on, new employee has accepted Yaoguang’s culture and favourable prompting under uniform educative management, every one bulid up a combatant spirit having be determined to exert selt, share the successufl and the innovative spirit having the courage to practice, conquering all difficulties. Meantime, Yaoguang also try their best to attarct talent who is dimmission to return company.At present, it has achieved some success
2. Cautiously explored
     It should be cautiously explored after absorbing.Because there are persons with ability but without moral, with moral but without ability or both with moral and ability. Persons with ability and moral can be used reassurely, Persons with moral but without ability can be used by supervise and urge, Persons with ability but without moral should be limited used. Those withour ability and moral can not be put in a very important position.
     In addition, Person each one has his good points, and somewhat short. Adopt his good points and avoid his shortcomings when arrange position, this is also cautiously explored. So it is important of widely adopted, cautiously explored is more important. We should take two means to control.
Achievement management system--------- Talented person becomes eminent
    Achievement management is a important ascept in HR management, and provide guidelines for other systems pushed and carried out. If Achievement examination is improper or communicates deficient, it always will work blown-up negative effect and will directly influence team-work efficiency and employee’s work passion.So achievement management system is called a “Double-edged sword” in HR management.
    According to current industy situation and status of company achievement manage, total development strategy and HR management target, Yaoguang decides to design and carry out this achievement manage system: taking personnel as means, taking company strategy as guiding. So that can evoke sufficiently employee’s enthusiasm.,distinguish employee’s ability and moral, provide employee more platform thereby, put talents we need to our core position.
    The concrete method is that borrow “ outside brain” and carry out “people-oriented management and developing plan”, The core ideas of Yaoguang’s personnel management is fulfilled by two indicates: one, "the critical achievement indicate” is the guiding achievement indicate; Two, the enterprise cort value is the guiding behavior indicate. By above-mentioned indicated, make impartia examination and prompting have stimulate evidence with sufficient quantization.
    Salary assignment tactic---By all ways and means to retain talents
    By means of proper culture atmosphere and resource share interactive platform, Yaoguang actively carry out Individual values achievement and occupation developing plan base on team-work efficiency in entire company, In enchaning team cooperation efficiency and improve Yaoguang overall compitition simultaneous, guide and help employees to realize individual occupaiton career plans and accumulates unceaingly the belief of cause success and the material base favour return.With this corresponding, Yaoguang has already implemented the salary system showing industry competition assorting with the staff achievement performance and be the Yaoguang’s long development orientation and management emphases, being used for stimulate more employees to be unceasingly progress in the team cooperation. The salary repaying system Yaoguang adopts is broadband salary system, is manily accroding to contribution to increase the distance of inside assigment, make salary combine with company benefit,position responsibility, individual achievement as well as team work index. Build up the assignment mechanism taking job salary as the main body step by step, have rigorous theory basis and solid actual data, sufficient show that the company respects employees’ all–around quality such as employee contribution, value, and ability. Every new Yaoguang employee will get return higher than market average value through individual great efforts makes to any contribution.
3.Diligently trained
    After widely adopted and cautiously explored, they are all talents. But with time passing, they will sometimes be lazy, discursive,madcap and confused. In additional, it will bring some hitherto unknown problem and insolved problem with the development of society.This will come to make a clear target, to correct concept, to straighten attitude,to enrich knowledge and to improve ability by usualness trainning studies and systematic discussion and research, make talent accomplish a outstanding mission,use up his duty, attain decision-maker’s objectives.
    Trainning is the power for modern enterprise development and innovation, a import approach to attract excellent person and is also the enduring strategic devotion. Firstly, Yaoguang make sufficient training budget according to textile industry characteristic and employee's training needs. Then work out detailed training program and arrange training courses base on the guarantee of enough capital, carry out it to each grass-roots strictly. At aspect of teachers, Yaoguang will make use of the training resource outside and the excellent lecturer inside with doing the multiple and pertinency training. The course arrangement not only include professional aspect training,but also trainning course having different management direction. All of training courses are offered according to sufficiently reflecting enterprise core value and aiming at the different employee “the core ability” model; The training way has priority to subsidize being admitted to certificates, expert scene lecture,professional salon, outward development, being advanced the individual values MBA training class and so on.
4.Strictly punished
     However, some problem are not sloved by diligently trained, such as being asleep at the switch, frequently violating system.All of these require strict system to manage, So-called there must be laws to go by, the laws must be observed, the laws must be strictly enforced, law-breakers must be prosecuted! Excellent being award, bad being punished! Strict law is really defending all foundation. So “strictly punished” is the most important.
    The company is established in “personalization” managing idea, owing to that enterprise and the employee are win-win, making up a efficient rules which set forth “which is to encourage to compose, which can compse, which can not compose”. The company obeys the thought” taking system as guideline” in system implementation process, all take system as principle, make rewards and punishments clear. The company encourages the advanced, and are making great efforts to provide platform for employee progress; when the employee has a negligent act, the company will deal with it strictly accroding to that” the system guideline”. While, the punishment is not the purpose in system management. Communicating with employee sufficiently and helping them ceaseless improvement and progress are target that company goes in for.
     All above four aspects are only four key links in Yaoguang HR manangement, is the new way for Yaoguang improving HR Management.That HR management works is one system engineering,is also a process of personalization corporate culture builds. The starting point is company’s strategy mission and employee’s need.Through Yaoguang corporate culture builds and promoting mutually,make sure system plan carring out. And the destination is that achieve employees and Yaoguang progress together and win-win, fulfill the historic mission of improving urbanizes culture buliding quality Yaoguang takes.
    The hight-quality project requires higher quality employee more, eximious enterprise needs outstanding talents, hight effect managed team and perfect talent echelon Yaoguang forms, incarnate sea accepting and widely adopted verve, provide ceaselessness powerful escalating support system for HR resources high-effect usage,ensure that give more employees and tem systemic exercise and bringing up, the trend is preeminent.

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