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Yaoguang spirit: Fighting,integrity, innovation
Fighting: Being brave in fighting help you to achieve your life values
Integrity: mutual honest, mutual trust, mutual help
Innovation: surpass others or surpassed by others
Management of Yaoguang: encouragement and restraint
Encouragement: performance appraisal, fair competition, diverse rewards, achievements priority
Restraint: fair, just, public; equality before system; process monitoring, elimination system to the last
Yaoguang style: serious, fast, committed
Marketing culture of Yaguang:
all subject to the demands of customers; my partners and me give best service to the customers
Implementation culture of Yaoguang: we are devout to implement every detail
Communication culture of Yaoguang:
more communication, less complaint; more understanding, less dispute
Learning culture of Yaoguang:
the best gift from training is learning faster than your competitors

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